F  I  N  E    A  R  T 

Wanderlust is my life. I take a great many walks from day to day... these are the images I have taken.

F  A  M  I  L  I  E  S

I have had the privilege of getting to know some awesome families with a camera in my hands. They have been some of the most challenging shoots, and some of the best! I love capturing your family the way it is today..because tomorrow you'll all be just a little bit older!

B  O  U  D O  I  R

This has become my new favorite thing to shoot. I love to make women feel like a million bucks! It's always a crazy fun time where you get to transform yourself into a supermodel and be my muse for the day!

P  O  R  T  R  A  I  T  S   &   S  E  N  I  O  R  S

I love getting to know personalities through my portrait sessions. You get to wear your favorite shirt, bring your instrument, meet me at your local's all about you! 

C  O  U  P  L  E  S

Love is the easiest thing to shoot. The couples that have hired me to follow them around have blessed me beyond belief. I get supercharged from watching the sparks between them! It gives me inspiration and energy to get the picture that best represents you. 

W  E  D  D  I  N  G  S

I love being part of your special day. It's always different and it's always exciting. From the rehearsal dinner up to the bride and groom waving goodbye, I am there capturing every moment.