Thursday, February 08, 2018

The One Thing | Central Wisconsin Wedding Photographer | From Jen's Lens

What's the one thing you shouldn't skimp on when it comes to your wedding? The photography of course! 

 As a photographer, that's an easy answer for me, but why should this be the bulk of your budget? 

When you are wedding planning, prices can be daunting. It seems that everything with the word "wedding" attached to it, costs an arm and a leg, oh and let's not forget your first born. It's hard! I get it! I've been there too.

I want to answer some of the big questions FOR YOU so you can feel confident in hiring the right photographer FOR YOU.

The one thing anyone who has gotten married will tell you, is that the day flew by! The only thing is, if you have a great photographer, you are going to have all of those little details of the day documented for you to look back on forever. If you have a so-so photographer, or worse if you hire your uncle/cousin who just got a "really good camera" to shoot your wedding, there is a good chance you are going to look back at your photos and see all of the things that drove you nuts about the day. That's not a good way to remember one of the most important days of your life! and that's if the pictures even turn out!

People always say, "You get what you pay for." So how much is too much? Or how much is too little to pay for wedding photography?

Well obviously everything worth having comes at a price. In the case of documenting a once in a lifetime event, I would suggest doing your research and looking for quality, but knowing what you are looking for makes it so much easier for you to find someone who meets your budget but also suits your needs. Do you want someone with you every second of the day? Getting photos of your bridesmaids helping you get into your dress and the guys having a pre-celabratory drink? Are you planning on surprising your husband with a vintage car that he's always been obsessed with to leave your wedding reception? Then you want someone there to capture that! Time is money, and if these are things you are considering having the photographer capture, please keep in mind that they are going to be DEDICATED to making sure you get the very best image from these moments.

Does your photographer have back up equipment in the case that your nephews decide to get jiggy with it right into a light stand during the reception? Or insurance, in that case? These are some of the reasons that a wedding photographer may cost more than hiring just anyone. We've invested so much more than our time in your day, but have the right equipment (and backups) so that heaven forbid something should happen...because Murphy's Law says that anything that can go wrong, will, all at once.

So of course here is where I want to fit in a #shamelessplug for you to hire me. But why? Because your wedding is going to be so much fun and I hate missing out? Well hell yeah, I love a good party! But mainly because I've been shooting for 12 years. I have gained so much experience in that time. I have made mistakes, yes, but I have learned from them and can recover quickly in any situation you want to throw at me. I have used those times to make myself better and hone my skills. I've studied not only my work but so many other amazing photographers that I admire. I put time into creating a style of my own and finding a way to make my work stand out from the rest.

Still on the fence? Maybe I'm not your cup of tea...and I'll try to get over that, but if you don't hire me, I really hope you learned something that you can use in your tedious planning process! (and you should invite me so I can prove that I can also party WITHOUT a camera in my hand)

Friday, September 23, 2016

A Dapper Duo | Appleton Wedding | Trevor & Margaret

When I moved to Wisconsin last summer, Margaret was one of the first people I met. Because I was new to the state, I liked to spend my time talking about the only person I knew in the state, me! I happened into her salon to share some of my bridal brochures trying to meet some brides and she called me when she saw them and thought I would be a good match for her wedding! Boy am I glad I was! I met her and her fiancé (at the time) Trevor for beers and we hit it off!

Fast forward to this summer, and I found out during Trevor's vows that they love eating Buffalo Wild Wings every Sunday! AND now I KNOW it was a match made in heaven!

Trevor and Margaret got married at the insanely gorgeous Stone Cellar at Riverview Gardens and we had such a wonderful time capturing every minute of it. These two are beyond beautiful. Like seriously cool, and probably the nicest people you will ever meet. I fell in love with their personalities right away and when I walked into their wedding, I about lost my marbles. They have amazing taste and made getting married look REALLY REALLY RIDICULOUSLY GOOD-LOOKING...and did I mention they're in love? Just see for yourself.


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pink Perfection | Beaver Dam Wedding | Alex & Sidney

Happy Valentine's Day my loves! When could be better time to show off Alex & Sidney's romantically perfect wedding, but on the national day of love!

No one could doubt their love, that's for sure. These two were just made for each other and I could see that from the moment I met them when I did their engagement pictures. I had the pleasure of heading to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin to capture their big day full of magical, picturesque moments!

The flowers were shade of pinks and wines and Sidney's dress was beyond words. Wowza. That was my literal reaction.

I enjoyed every second of this day, as we detoured after the wedding with the entire bridal party to grab some shots in Horicon National Wildlife Refuge, it only got better!

MY FAVORITE detail of the wedding (and I would put this one in top 2) was Alex's car. He and his dad had spent some quality time fixing this baby up and though his dad isn't with us anymore, making the car part of the wedding was a great way to honor him and I wanted to make sure they got some "cool car" shots!

Are you getting married in 2016? I am still booking! 3 out of state weddings and counting...THIS GIRL LOVES TO TRAVEL so don't be dismayed if you think you are too far. Let's make some memories!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer | July | Fireworks

The month of July has flown by! It was filled with so many changes! We moved into a farm house (a post for another day), I have once again entered the non wedding related workforce, and I've been booking weddings left and right! (THANK YOU WISCONSIN!)

We have also been enjoying this season, even though it's getting a bit toasty in our non-air conditioned house (THANK YOU, WISCONSIN). We have spent our weekends grabbing beers at local patio bars and barbequing with family and friends.

July is also known for great fireworks shows! I've gotten to see a few this year, thanks to Tony's cousin Luke, who is a licensed pyrotechnic. I wanted to share just a few of the great work he does!

These were from a show he put on at his house! It was a great night!!

I hope you have had as fun of a summer as I have. I would love to hear what you've been up to! Please feel free to share a summer memory with me!